Air & Water Technology, Inc. is an Innovative HVACR & Plumbing Design Solutions Company for the Development and Manufacturing of Specialized Hardware products with the newest adaptive technologies for the Air Conditioning (HVACR) and Plumbing industry fields.

The designs of our Chemical and Flushing Systems are product solutions that will effectively eliminate blockages, clean and remove all contaminates of unwanted biological buildup, and prevent water backup from your A/C Air handler systems. It eradicates the growth of biological contaminates that create algae, toxic mold, fungi, mildew, sludge, and slime that are responsible for creating health problems. A/C split air handler systems produce gallons of condensation water daily at the evaporator coil and are located generally in one of three (3) places; attics, basements or A/C mechanical closets where water damage could occur from backup. A/C drain lines run from the air handler to the outside of homes or commercial buildings. Anywhere along the drain line, blockage can occur due to sediment build up of dust & dirt from the air handler & biological growth in drain pipes.

If the condition of the drain line is left unnoticed, untreated or improperly maintained for an extended length of time especially during summer time operation this will result in A/C drain pan water backup. This condition can cause water damage to ceilings, walls, carpets, and furniture. The water overflow damage creates the growth of hazardous biological organisms that require only five things to grow: food, air, surface area, suitable temperatures, and moisture. These problems cause millions of dollars a year in needless water backup and insurance policy claims.

Sick Building Syndrome occurs when contamination has become so excessive, that infectious organisms permanently reside in a home or building. Mold, is one of the most common allergens. Another problem that can often be traced to biological contamination is persistent buildup of bad odors from a HVACR systems constant recirculation in homes or offices. This may cause variety of health and respiratory problems, such as nasal & sinus congestion, eye irritation, dry cough, nose and/or throat irritation, skin rashes and asthma.
Our products can help stop and maintain these biologic growth problems in your A/C drain pipes systems. All of our product lines are safe, reliable, cost effective and easy to install. For more information on Air quality health issues, please go to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency web site at:

Our devices are made from either Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC) a plenum rated material for thermoplastic used in (Hot) or (Cold) water. Our products are constructed for their reliability and longevity to fit new or existing A/C drainpipe systems and are specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning, maintaining, and unblocking A/C & refrigeration drain lines and large dehumidify drainpipe systems. These devices serve A/C large package units, A/C split systems, and refrigeration drain line systems, and are design to be installed as close to the air handler as possible and can be mounted one of two ways either horizontally or vertically or even both depending on our product model type. Please note: Air & Water Technology products may have other applications not stated above that are pending at this time.

AWT's patented and/or patent pending products with accessories are available in diversified components. These combination designs are developed and manufactured for the HVACR and Plumbing industry, as well as comply with all industry standard piping of ¾ inch for residential/commercial and 1 inch for commercial applications. Air & Water Technology products are available through local wholesale distributors.
Ask your HVACR representative today which of our product lines is best suited for your needs.

"Now there is an effective simple solution to an old A/C problem."

Air & Water Technology, Inc. (AWT)  is ideal for the HVACR market for the following reasons:
We offer several new easy and safe solutions to a major A/C problem using both intelligent plus economical methods for cleaning and safeguarding your drain line systems. These will improve the quality of your life at your home or business with either our new non-chemical Water Flushing and/or Chemical Delivery drain line systems.

Air & Water Technology, Inc. product lines are all U.S. Patented
and/or Patent pending and are protected by U.S. Federal law.

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